Our Factory Our company mainly produces solid carbide milling cutters, drill bits, engraving tools, various non-standard tools and carbide insert. The products are widely used in mold, aviation, electronics, advertising, home and other industries.
With the rapid development of CNC numerical control technology, the application of alloy cutting tools is more and more extensive. The company prioritizes the introduction of advanced manufacturing and monitoring equipment at home and abroad, including but not limited to Swiss RPL-LOMTIC and Germany. WALTER CNC milling cutter grinding machine, Germany EOUER cutting tool testing equipment has greatly improved the company's manufacturing capacity, product quality and market development competitiveness, and established an advanced CNC numerical control tool development and production base in northern China.
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Our 4 Advantages


We are the manufacturing factory and we have almost 40 producing machines


Our products have stable performance, and have a long using life.


We use the high quality raw material and make the hardness from HRC45 to HRC65.


We have a strong service team and everyone full of experience.

About Us
Best(Hebei) Technology Co., Ltd. is subordinate to Best Cemented Carbide Technology Co., Ltd. under the Shenggong Group. Best(Hebei) Technology Co., Ltd,which founded in 2017,is located in the hinterland of China.Our company is one of the most professional manufacturers in the whole cemented carbide cutting tool industry in China. After more than ten years of development, GR8 brand precision cutting tools have become a well-known brand in the industry, occupying a large market share in China. At the same time, it is widely recognized by more and more customers from more than 50 countries.
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